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Tachometer Hook-Up

How to Install a Tachometer 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Outboard Motor Tachometers
  1. Where do the three wires, red, green and black, connect for my electronic tachometer?
  2. Put in the battery, wrapped the pickup wire around the plug wire and tapped it in place.
  3. The tachometer wire must be fed through a grommet in the passenger compartment to reach the engine compartment.
  4. Much of the car frame is grounded to the battery by sturdy wires.

Apparently you just aim it at the flywheel. Their recommendation for my engine was wrong. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Reach your hand underneath the dashboard, and spread the bracket so it catches the backside of the dashboard. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

  • Not all tachometers have the shift light feature.
  • Fasten the eyelet with a socket.
  • You can hook it to the ignition module on most any fuel injected vehicle.
  • The wires are about gauge usually, so get connectors of the appropriate size.
  • Locate the ground-wire pole on the back of the ignition switch.

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Most cars with automatic transmissions are not equipped with a tachometer, since a tachometer is mostly used to indicate visually when it's time to shift gears. If your chosen tachometer does, follow the installation instructions to properly set the shift light. Connect it to the ignition pole on the tachometer with a nut. If so, how was it hooked up? Before you mount it in the steering column, it's a good idea to hook up the wiring and and test it out while you rev the engine, to make sure it works.

My Chinese reading skills are lacking. Trailer the boat to a convenient work location. Attach the tachometer ground wire to an engine ground of the car. Cookies make wikiHow better. Set the shift light on the tachometer if applicable.

Outboard Tachometer

Choose a mounting location for the tachometer. At least that is what it says on the front. Locate a place on your dashboard for a suitable mounting location. Depending on your engine, there may be a constant-flow wire and a pulse wire to the tach, as well as the additional wires for the ignition, lights, and other components. Strip both ends of the wire.

Outboard Tachometer

How to Install a Tach on an Evinrude Boat Motor

Mercury Outboard Tachometers

It's best to be on the safe side and work a grommet in, which will only cost a few dollars and take a few minutes at the most. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, new contact us. It works and was very simple to install. This could be a problem in rough water or heavy traffic where you needed to see where you were going.

My particular unit also has a rubber cone on it, that you can physically engage in the top of a crank shaft, etc. Amazon needs to show pics of back. Using the Tiny tack on the Mercurys with a distributer requires using shielded ignition wires on all upper cylinders and reading off the bottom. All tachs come with manuals, or you can search on their home websites for information on your specific model car.

It was a nice upgrade to a nice boat motor. Run the other end of the wire out the hole. You don't want to go drilling holes in your steering column before you're sure you've got the wiring figured out.

Where do I hook up the green wire? Faria Professional Red Tach universal for all outboard. Many outboards don't have a tachometer so this was a nice upgrade. Model will work on a motor with a magneto. Four cycle motors only show half speed.

If it has a nut connector, crimp on an eyelet and fasten the nut with a socket. Use a socket to disconnect the negative battery cable. There are screws for permanent mounting and as far as the tape concerned who doesn't have some tape laying around if they don't want to drill holes to mount it.

Outboard Tachometer

If these do not occur, you may have a faulty tachometer. Directions for mounting typically are provided with new tachometers, as well as any necessary pieces. All other engines receive pole settings. Replace the end cap of the tachometer carefully to avoid pinching any of the internal tachometer wires. Yellow and red lines on the tachometer indicate caution and danger thresholds, warning the boat owner of engine speeds exceeding the manufacture's specifications.

Crimp two eyelets on each end. This attachment point will vary from engine to engine. You can check the reduction of a transmission or gear box, by measuring the input and output speeds, and doing the math. Run the other end of the wire out of the tachometer hole from the inside.

Use tie straps to neatly bundle any excess hanging wires. You must be logged in to access attached files. It's out of sight and securely mounted. Avoid drilling in a way that will damage the interior steering column wiring or supports. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Locate the output wire from your distributor. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. The only other specialty item you'll need to complete the job is a package of quick-splice connectors, which are usually only a few dollars at the auto part store. Apply power to the tachometer by attaching the power input wire of the tachometer to the volt dashboard lighting supply of the car. Refer to the instructions for the mounting hole's required diameter.

Outboard Motor Tachometer

Use a screwdriver to refasten the end cap if necessary. Tighten the nut with a socket. Bought these for my Hydrostream restore that I'm doing, and they look great.

Trace those wires to find a suitable attachment point. It was based upon a range of engines built over a period of years. Warnings If you choose to mount the tachometer directly to the steering column, plan the drill hole mounting points carefully.

According to the instructions the sending wire for Erinrude is typically gray. This need not be directly on the battery. However, you have to hold very precisely for a few solid seconds, before it will get a reading. Don't miss out on all the fun, Become a member today! Use wire strippers to cut a length of wire long enough to reach from the ignition switch to the tachometer, routed through the hole.

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Mercury Outboard Tachometers

It works on anything with an ignition. Get a tachometer and splicing connectors. Strip both ends of the wire with wire strippers. Wayne Upper Canada Chapter uccaomci.

How to Install a Tach on an Evinrude Boat Motor

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Very easy swap out and are very well built. Other alternatives are a Tiny Tac or a cheaper knock off. If you get a new tachometer, read the instructions to be sure. Came in ahead of time, for and was perfect.

Install a grommet in the firewall. The lead to the vacuum cut off switch will work for the magneto lead. Connect it to the ground pole on the back of the tachometer.

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