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The main touristy area of the city is Shekou, this is where most foreign men stay and like always there is lots of singles nightlife in the tourist zone. The rules may be seen as misogynistic at times, but they are adhered to with utmost sincerity. If you see a stunner walk by then you might want to say hello and see if you can get her to smile. The world is becoming a smaller place and foreign men are traveling now more than ever.

They are more cute than sexy and you will see that in their dressing as well. We say it in all of our dating guides for China but this is a pretty interesting place for a single guy to visit. It may not be as many as you would hope for and that is a pretty big cock block. Losing face is a big deal in Asia, speed dating chemnitz smile a lot and have a good time.

Good Luck Hooking Up With Chinese Girls

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But we are going to start with some general talk about meeting and dating Chinese girls. Especially Coco Park, this is the area which one must visit in case he is looking to get laid with horny girls. Accodomation is relatively cheap in Shenzhen!

Thereby, making Shenzhen an important location via boat. That means that when they are back home in Shenzhen they go out to hook up with some strange to satisfy them. If you want to try to meet a good Shenzhen woman then this is the right post for you.

The best area for day game here would be around Super Brand Mall which is right in the heart of the financial district where you can meet professional women that might speak better English. The internet set up in the city of Shenzhen is undoubtedly fast and reliable. It is located in the Guangdong province.

Picking Up Girls In Shenzhen China

The only hope for these women is to date a tourist or to hook up with them. Now that we have covered the biggest and what most would consider best cities to hook up with girls in China we want to talk about visiting places off the beaten path. Use all of the tools available to you and you will find some girls that want to hook up with foreign men. This city is located pretty close to Hong Kong so many girls in China will move here to get closer to all the available money there. If you're in this area, needing accomodation you really can't go past Prince Inn for a Fantastic room at a Cheap price.

Other Guangdong Cities

Some of the best bars in town are Coco, Traveler Bar, and Vesper. Most of the people living in the city have had an urban upbringing and they have seen the hustle of the city life. All of the above will probably have a lot more foreigners than the spots we are about to list. Especially in very crowded cities where there is always a lot of hustle and bustle going on around you when you try to approach. So it will likely be on you to carry the conversation.

  1. On a day date any of the above listed malls could be a solid option.
  2. Like in much of Asia the girls here are relatively easy, particularly for foreign men.
  3. There will be a language barrier and that is something you need to keep in mind while travelling to Shenzhen.
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This is a distant dream for many as they are not fluent in English and thus shy to approach men or speak to them. Welcome to this post on the best cities to hook up with girls in China. Anyone can be a sugar daddy. You could grab a meal, watch a movie, or do other activities that they will have set up.


This post will try to help you figure out the best cities to hook up with sexy Chinese girls for foreign men so you can target the right spots to go on your vacation. Get a place off AirBnb near the best nightlife areas in any city we are about to mention. She spoke Chinese and chewed their staff up and down when they said they wouldn't refund the full amount paid, actually shoved the hooker clothes in one of the guys faces to smell. After all of the best singles areas are covered we will transition to our date night guide. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Shenzhen & Dating Guide

These places are surely going to aid you in getting your date into bed with you. If you invite them back to a hotel room with just a bed inside they will feel like sluts and might not go through with it. The cost of living in Guangzhou is not too high. The experience was very good. This involves, grooming and dressing well, in addition to this, you must be fluent in your Mandarin, as most of the women feel at ease when you converse in a language well known by them.

Beijing and Shanghai are much more popular in comparison to Shenzhen. Some expat bars to find more Shenzhen girls that want sex with foreign men are Xpats Bar and Grill or George and Dragon. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Shenzhen and the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

  • However, one can find various alternatives to these dating apps from the west.
  • Ask kusshy about Prince Inn.
  • Here is a map with the best nightlife and date spots in the city, remember that with so many people here it can be pretty tough to get around at times.

They wanted to say hi to my son whom I was carrying, culture I moved him to my opposite shoulder to keep them away. In China gambling is legal and there are various casinos across the country. They are seldom too conservative or traditional in their approach. It will break down the various ways to find whatever girls you are looking for.

Best Cities To Hook Up With Chinese Girls

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The nightclubs in Shenzhen are not like some of the best nightclubs across the globe. You pretty much are only looking for either A girls that speak English well or B Chinese girls seeking foreign men. This gives you the opportunity to take her for coffee in the mall itself, if she shows further interest after you break the ice. We love cities like this as they are so easy to navigate. Invite them to come over and if they say yes you can be pretty sure you will get laid.

The general public in these countries have internet access and mobile phones enroll themselves on the apps and hope to get laid at the earliest. These babes are easy to approach and you can settle everything before meeting up. With so many places to party this is one of the best cities to meet girls in China. So we are going to link you to every city we have covered on this site, and there are many. Besides this, the college girls are incredibly horny and willing to have sex at any time of the day.

For those who are looking to visit Shenzhen, you must obtain a visa from the consulate in the country from which you begin your travel. Left my wife in the room to get comphy, carried my sleeping son down to pay the bill for one night. Cities in this country are not at all easy for us to stay up to date on so we do need to ask for help from the public on this one.

Best Cities To Hook Up With Chinese Girls - Guys Nightlife

The easiest way to do this is by asking her questions while speaking slowly and not using too many big words. We search up to sites for the lowest prices. Long story short, we got our money back and went next door tot the shangri la.

The city has the distinction of being the first special economic zone of China. All one has to do is catch a ferry and go to the other side, away from the mainland. It is also not common in their dating culture for a girl to go to a mans home or apartment. If you walk up to one and say hello she might be scared of trying to have a face to face conversation with foreign men.

With less foreign men in many of them you could potentially have some great experiences, best dating sites but remember less tourists around means things may not be quite as convenient or easy to navigate. At that point we were all tired and went ahead and paid the rate. Generally strangers do not approach one another here so if you are the most aggressive guy at the bar that can work out in your favor. The main things you always want to do here are smile and keep a happy positive mood at all times.

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