Dating a girl with schizophrenia, dating a girl with schizophrenia - ultimate guitar

  1. Not in a dating sense, but just making friends.
  2. My boyfriend of six months recently told me that he has hallucinations and suffers from paranoia.
  3. Because we are the main character of an epic action movie in our own minds, which keeps things exciting.
  4. It would depend on how it affected his daily life- including how his medicine affected him.
  5. But then you will start to resent him and the situation.
Dating someone with schizophrenia

Dating a girl with Schizophrenia - Ultimate Guitar

Fiery - don't get sucked into supporting him. Me and this girl have been friends for awhile, and after not having talked in a while, me and her had a conversation the other day. He lost his job after he was admitted to the hospital, out of boredom and attempt to self medicate, he is now on synthetic weed as well as the meds. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

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Girls) Would you date a guy with schizophrenia

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As for her schizophrenia, dating you might do some reading about it just to prepare yourself for what to expect. Top Schizophrenia Answerers. It is probably a non issue since I'm guessing she lives at home as well and has parental supervision about that sort of thing. It would be a deal breaker in a new partner. It's amazing who gets diagnosed and who remains undiagnosed in this world.

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Smoking substitute may not provide such a healthy swap, after all. Tis the only avalible time. This forces you to be the first one to communicate. So this was hopefully a much more prominent concern in my case. Before I dated him, what is the difference between he used to hurt himself like taking extremely hot showers and clipping his nails down to the quick.

Trying to play that role will be emotionally draining. Just make sure you remain objective and back the hell off as soon as you notice you are suffering because of her. How well is it being managed?

Dating someone with schizophrenia

Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Learning some basic facts about anxiety will help you better understand and support your partner. Years later, I married a different dual diagnosed addict. She needs to take care of her condition, whether that means medication or psychological counselling or whatever. That's why I came to this board, dating wikihow to find answers.

Schizophrenia I m in love with a person who has schizophrenia

  • If you are taking care of yourself, yes.
  • If you think you can handle it, or she's not that extreme, give her the benefit of the doubt.
  • Like the other posters said, get a clear understanding of his diagnosis.

Psychology and Mental Health Forum. As soon as I've had distance from him, I miss all of his good qualities that other guys don't seem to have. Which is why I am glad for this site and especially jaynebeal. Thank you for this article!

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You are not her superhero. The edits been buggy for a few weeks now. She accused me of all those things, typically combining it with trying to insult me and such. She might call you while she's standing on the edge of a bath tub with the shower curtain tied around her neck. Complicated and raging as usual, Rogueone.

Eventually he trusted both himself and me, and I would hold him as he went through this. If people have not lived in strict rules or painful life in past s they start to abuse a lot. This has been very frustrating, he said he'll talk to the doctors and figure something out. Living with someone with mental illness alters the way you think and how you behave.

Advice for Dating Someone with a Mental Illness

It depends upon how your bf is. Their crazy blows mine out of the water. She may have a mental disease, however she's still a human being and deserves to be treated as such, in both good and bad situations. You don't take a heart attack patient on a roller coaster. Believe it or not, a lot of women are actually attracted to my brother because he is schizophrenic.

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Some medicine make sick, sexual disorder. Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site. If they go off their meds you might be redecorating. Yes, as long as he was willing to get help, like go to therapy and take any prescribed medications.

Girls) Would you date a guy with schizophrenia

If I had a girlfriend all I'd want to do is make her happy but I don't think any woman would ever want me because of my illness. Should I stick with him, or just be friends, or wait a while and see? He has trouble with remembering to take his medication, but that's just poor memory, not a refusal to take them, so I have to remind him to take them, and I fill his weekly pill dispenser. Would you feel you need to know everything there is to know about the structure of the knee just to go see a movie with such a woman? Return to Schizophrenia Forum.

Two and a half years of being affected by her illness took its toll on all of the family. Sometimes u may need to leave him alone when he is taking hard type medicine. He may not deal with with multiple stressors. He is aware that he has this illness and wants more than anything to make it go away and live a normal life.

Nonetheless, there should be limits to this. He takes meds and sees a professional every couple weeks. If you have any advice, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for a great read!

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If I begin a conversation and it seems to skirt around the issue of my condition, I jump right in. Does my fiance not respect me? So we decided it to be a casual thing. It's the nature of the beast. Hey you awnsered my post a couple of days ago so i just thought id get back to you here.

Dating Someone With Anxiety What You Need to Know and Do

It is just another part of his or her identity. He puts effort and thought into what makes me happy and is the only guy who has treated me like I am a real person and not a sex object. Some medicines make it worse, but some apathy will most likely always be present.

We've been dating for a year now and he's still perfect in my eyes. Dating is hard enough as it is. Not dating these creatures. Girls, would you date a guy whos been to jail? She might not be as much of a mess as the girl I had a relationship with, indeed I hope for both your and her sake that she isn't.

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