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Did you know that one in three American familites is victimed by fraud each year? For almost every patient, a cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence. What is it like to be an exact copy of another human being? Including, why is there a detective wandering around in the shrubbery? Robert Epstein, a year-old bachelor and Harvard-trained psychology professor, is determined to fall in love - deep love, yeah dating is cool even married love - and even if it's with a stranger.

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An investigation into the murders of the wife and two sons of a security chief for Joyce Meyer Ministries. What would drive well-educated girls from a well-off suburb to become armed robbers? Even with all the modern weapons of this war, warriors are still bedeviled by old-fashioned problems.

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And, do they deserve a second chance? And is a cool Kentucky cop a long lost relative of a popular and stylish Dateline host? The two cases were eerily similar. At first glance, Hong Kong seems as noisy and bustling as ever.

Despite leading the industrialized world in obesity, America is obsessed with being thin. Please enjoy this very very very special episode of A Date With Dateline. But in less than six months, startling events would shatter this new family.

Chris Evans was a Mystery Date before he was Captain America
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The media did not press him to talk about her after the death, and he has remained mum on the subject nearly twenty years later. It's on Tuesday morning, uk us two weeks to the minute that the first hijacked jet crashed into the World Trade Center. Christopher admitted that he killed Erin but said it was because he became angry after she confessed to molesting his daughter. Correspondent Maureen Maher reports. Andrea Canning reports on the murder of former Mayor of York Melvin and maybe makes a new friend in the process?

But when hours turn into days and weeks, or even months and years, there's desperation and a willingness to look anywhere for answers. During the early morning hours of Feb. During the early morning hours of Nov. The Mystery of Slide Mountain. Today, it is the mystery surrounding her death.

Find out in this very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline. Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports. Please take a second to check them out and see if they are right for you! In small-town Colorado, a sudden marriage sows tension in two families.

When a hard-charging boss in Arizona is shot to death, police uncover a complex web of bruised egos in his professional life and a trail of broken hearts in his personal life. Eight years ago, when Jane first walked into his Orlando, Florida, psychiatry practice, Dr. The disappearance of Jamie Laiaddee in Chandler, Ariz. It's a case that's been cold for more than a decade.

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Andrea Canning is reporting on the hateful murder of a laid-back Dad with special guest Evelyn, the greatest grandma on earth. Karen Tipton was in the prime of her life when she was brutally attacked and murdered in her home in Decatur, Ala. You're piloting a plane that's out of control, hurtling toward the ground. When Vicki Wegerle was mysteriously strangled in Wichita, chinese dating sites toronto Kan. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports.

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She was allegedly pregnant at the time of her disappearance. The bill is named after Holley Lynn James, a constituent of Rep. Susan Wright stabbed her husband times. Smith, a popular medical examiner in Memphis, Tenn. The first days of the war went by in a blur of positive news for the U.

Ohioans Elizabeth and Patrick Welsh seemed to have it all. He had received a phone call from her earlier in the night, trying to set a date for them that night. However, the relationship between these special programs and the rest of the series is essentially limited to the program's title. With her were best friends Carrie Brown and Zak Rockwell.

  1. For year-old Taylor Behl of Vienna, Va.
  2. During the investigation, authorities learned that Erin was having an affair with another Marine.
  3. Investigators are searching for the beautiful, pregnant wife of a U.

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Richard Gagnon fills his days with thoughts of the dead. Caught in the Crossfire aka Courting Disaster. Now, some of the cops who helped put him away want to set him free. And will be sure to tell you just that. Who Killed Toni Heartstring.

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The Shame of Rush Springs. Four years ago, in cities and towns across America, millions of teen-agers entered the ninth grade. An investigation into so-called private-eye soccer moms and the man who recruited them. Find out some answers to some old questions and walk away with some new ones with this very special episode of A Date With Dateline. Durst claims Black came into his apartment, why is carbon dating analysis grabbed a gun that Durst had hidden and pointed it at him.

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  • Dateline is back back backgammon again!
  • Fatal Episode, the Producer's Story.
  • But, as Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports, almost everything about this boy's life and death was still a mystery.

The Internet has become a haven for some of the oldest scams in the book. Should they have been tried as adults in the first place? The Curious Case of Colonel Shue. On the Verge of a Verdict.

2. She was a fashion student
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Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive. But he had been living a double life, dating Joyce Fransson, a woman he met while attending Barstow college. Yet, investigators think the suspect might be much closer to the victim. Jesse James worked with Representative Bruce Braley on legislation that would improve conditions for both domestic violence and sexual assault victims in the military.

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